segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2014


Morten Harket,
Your songs bring peace to my soul.
I magnify to life, because I believe that we are all the same, with dreams and feelings that pulse within each one, a desire to improve ourselves as people.
And today, here, I believe in the opportunity to develop and be a better person.
All of us have a gift, the gift of living the best way possible, being generous, being able to be the strongest we can before love and all the feelings that are inside of us.
The songs that come from you, through your voice give me freedom and the sensation that my dreams can come true
I internalize and I’m able to get out of myself and travel through the stars and write songs that talk about friendship, respect, peace and love.
Live and be sure that you will leave a legacy of histories through your songs
We seek peace and understanding to so many horrible things that cross time to time.
But with your music I can find console, there is still hope, there are mysteries and that attract us to places we never thought of meeting.
I have no ambition of one day looking in your eyes and tell you that you are an angel through your songs and comes to bring melodies o love and peace.
I can’t reach, because the distance might not even let people to meet here “today”, but I believe in the power of the mysteries in life that attract us to paths where we can meet and somehow  exchange forgotten and lived experiences in other lives.  We sure can do everything for our dreams when we believe in this strong feeling that blows us in the wind together in all directions.
The universe moves working for everything to arrive at its place.
Through the wind can hear it whispering and saying that we are strong and we can cross borders, races and languages.
Today matured by the experiences of a life full of emotions and feelings, we can understand what a path means when we really want to cross borders and loosen the chains that bind us and feel free as the wind blows in all directions.
My deepest admiration for your conquer and songs.
Never, ever give up this path.

He transforms us with his songs,  through them we have the hope needed to believe that everything is possible.

Amália Tavares Luz